Recycling Spent Aluminum Oxide

Recycling Success Story

Read an article about the success of recycling spent aluminum oxide with Washington Mills. Click here.

Spent Aluminum Oxide Material Handling

CASE STUDY: A metal surface preparation company, currently collecting  their spent aluminum oxide blast media using a standard waste handling system, experienced cleanliness issues during the collection process. Click here to read more...

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Want to share this exciting opportunity within your company?  Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on recycling spent aluminum oxide.

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Washington Mills has developed a technology to melt and fuse spent aluminum oxide creating a 100% closed loop recycling process.  

More About This Service

Traditionally, spent aluminum oxide is brought to a landfill for final disposal, but rising landfill costs, landfill regulations and higher freight costs are causing business to rethink their waste disposal practices.  

Washington Mills has invested significant resources to make its aluminum oxide manufacturing process 100% closed loop.  You can buy and recycle your aluminum oxide all with ONE company!  

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